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Trucks come in all shapes and sizes - box trucks, tankers, refrigerated, 18-wheelers, and much more. Providing insurance coverage for trucks is greatly different from cars and other vehicles because the cargo being carried also needs coverage. That's why Central Insurance Agency knows the ins and outs of protecting truck and trailers.


Whether you are driving across town, Texas, or the country, you need the right coverage for the vehicle and the cargo. For 25 years, we've kept all of it covered.

Trucks - a special breed of vehicle

Why is truck and trailer insurance so critical?

Trucks and trailers keep America rolling along.

Call Central Insurance Agency today and be safer tomorrow.

There are several factors involved that make truck and trailer insurance and claims. The vehicles are far heavier than cars. That means accidents can cause far more damage, potentially to other vehicles, property, and people. That's why Central Insurance Agency works carefully with you to create the proper policy.

  • Flexible payments

  • Superior claims service

  • Fleet coverage available

  • Owner-operator coverage

  • Uninsured driver coverage

  • Underinsured driver coverage

  • Multiple policy discounts

  • Flexible deductibles

We keep you safe.