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Texas weather is an unpredictable variety of powerful snowstorms, potential tornadoes, and even hurricanes from the Gulf of Mexico. Unfortunately, they seem to be getting stronger every year. If you're moving into a new home, or if you haven't looked at your current coverage details in a while, it's a great time to call us.


Since 1999, Central Insurance Agency has made sure you're protected from fires, floods, natural disasters, and anything else that might come your way.  

From the roof to the basement, we've got you covered.

Renters insurance and mobile home coverage

If you are renting, the owner has coverage on the home, apartment, or condo, but who is covering your furniture, clothing, computer, and other things? You can always find another place to live, but how will you replace everything that you have lost?

We keep you safe.


We don't just protect houses.

We protect homes.

Call Central Insurance Agency today and be safer tomorrow.
  • Fire, flood, natural disasters

  • Homeowners and renters

  • Single-family, condos, townhomes

  • Mobile homes and trailers

  • Outbuildings and garages

  • Contractors insurance

  • Multiple policy discounts

  • Flexible deductibles