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When you walk away from an accident, you'll probably breathe a sigh of relief and say, "It's just a car." But what will you say when you realize you can't get to work? That's why Central Insurance Agency is ready to not just get your estimate over to the repair shop, but also get you into a rental car before the day is over.


Having a damaged or totalled car is enough of a headache. You need a reliable, dependable insurance agency willing to ease that pain. That's what we're here for.

Without your car, how are you getting to work today?

Sometimes more than just a car is damaged.

Unfortunately, some accidents involve more than just cars. Homes, fences, property, and people can suffer damage and injury. Costs can be astronomical. That's what insurance is all about - making sure that things are replaced and people are treated properly. Nothing makes accidents go away, but we make them easier.

It's not just a car,

it's a part of your family.

Good-driver discounts


  • Comprehensive and collision

  • Property damage liability

  • Personal injury protection

  • Auto replacement

  • Uninsured driver coverage

  • Underinsured driver coverage

  • Multiple policy discounts

  • Flexible deductibles

Call Central Insurance Agency today and be safer tomorrow.